experimental project at the intersection of architecture, design and technology
SINTEZ.SPACE is an experimental educational project of the School of Design ION RANEPA, within which we train hybrid specialists at the intersection of architecture, environmental and graphic design, technology and multimedia.
We create architectural illustrations, animation videos, use neural networks to process video material, and carry out a full range of work related to architectural modeling, preparing models for approval of AGR.

Our work is not just visualization - we create works of art, digital doubles and stories that vividly tell about your objects!
We are working on creating multimedia content for exhibitions and public spaces. We take part in international exhibitions and competitions dedicated to architecture, design and artificial intelligence. We are engaged in research and conduct experiments in the field of neural networks.
The program’s tasks allow you to develop new competencies, gradually moving from the design of the real through the design of the virtual to the creation of mixed reality concepts. And through mastering the skills of working with neural networks, we come to the synthesis of natural and artificial intelligence in design and research.
An important part of our project is the organization of events where experts from the world of architecture, media, design and IT gather to exchange views on the prospects for the development of the profession, experience in interdisciplinary interaction and ideas for joint projects at the intersection of the real and the virtual.
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